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graphic on storage conditions of extracellular vesicles (EVs)

Use of Fluorescence Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis as a tool for quality assessment of EVs

Correct and standardized storage conditions of extracellular vesicles (EVs) are essential prerequisites for the stability of clinical samples and the production of consistent EV batches for therapeutic use.
The loss of EV concentration due to improper storage conditions is associated with a reduced activity and physical integrity.
Check out our new app note on the importance of EV storage conditions and how fluorescence nanoparticle tracking analysis can be used as a quality assessment tool.

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Independent human mesenchymal stromal cellderived extracellular vesicle preparations differentially attenuate symptoms in an advanced murine graft-versus-host disease model

Madel, Rabea J.; Börger, Verena; Dittrich, Robin; Bremer, Michel; Tertel, Tobias; Phuong, Nhi Ngo Thi; Baba, Hideo A.; Kordelas, Lambros; Staubach, Simon; Stein, Frank; Haberkant, Per; Hackl, Matthias; Grillari, Regina; Grillari, Johannes; Buer, Jan; Horn, Peter A.; Westendorf, Astrid M.; Brandau, Sven; Kirschning, Carsten J.; Giebel, Bernd



ApplicationsConcentration MeasurementExtracellular VesiclesSize MeasurementVesicles

exosomesextracellular vesiclesgraft-versus-host-diseaseheterogeneitymesenchymal stem cellsmesenchymal stromal cells

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Phosphatidylserine-positive extracellular vesicles boost effector CD8+ T cell responses during viral infection

Rausch, Lisa; Flaskamp, Lavinia; Ashokkumar, Ashretha; Trefzer, Anne; Ried, Christine; Buchholz, Veit R.; Obst, Reinhard; Straub, Tobias; Brocker, Thomas; Kranich, Jan

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences


ApplicationsConcentration MeasurementExosomesExtracellular VesiclesSize MeasurementVesicles

CD8 T cellsexosomesextracellular vesiclesLCMVPhosphatidylserine

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Plasma-derived extracellular vesicles released after endurance exercise exert cardioprotective activity through the activation of antioxidant pathways

Lisi, Veronica; Senesi, Giorgia; Bertola, Nadia; Pecoraro, Matteo; Bolis, Sara; Gualerzi, Alice; Picciolini, Silvia; Raimondi, Andrea; Fantini, Cristina; Moretti, Elisa; Parisi, Attilio; Sgrò, Paolo; Di Luigi, Luigi; Geiger, Roger; Ravera, Silvia; Vassalli, Giuseppe; Caporossi, Daniela; Balbi, Carolina

Redox Biology


ApplicationsCardiovascular DiseasesConcentration MeasurementExosomesExtracellular VesiclesSize MeasurementSmall Extracellular VesiclesVesicles

Antioxidant activitycardioprotectionCatalytic activityextracellular vesiclesPhysical exerciseRedox capacity

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Neutral Sphingomyelinase 2 Mediates Oxidative Stress Effects on Astrocyte Senescence and Synaptic Plasticity Transcripts

Zhu, Zhihui; Quadri, Zainuddin; Crivelli, Simone M.; Elsherbini, Ahmed; Zhang, Liping; Tripathi, Priyanka; Qin, Haiyan; Roush, Emily; Spassieva, Stefka D.; Nikolova-Karakashian, Mariana; McClintock, Timothy S.; Bieberich, Erhard

Molecular neurobiology


ApplicationsConcentration MeasurementExosomesExtracellular VesiclesVesicles

ceramideextracellular vesiclesGrin2boxidative stress

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Innate extracellular vesicles from melanoma patients suppress β-catenin in tumor cells by miRNA-34a

Jung-Hyun Lee, Jochen Dindorf, Martin Eberhardt, Xin Lai, Christian Ostalecki, Nina Koliha, Stefani Gross,Katja Blume, Heiko Bruns, Stefan Wild, Gerold Schuler, Julio Vera, Andreas S Baur

Life Science Alliance


ApplicationsConcentration MeasurementExtracellular VesiclesSize MeasurementTechnical NanoparticlesVesicles

extracellular vesiclesmelanomamelanoma treatmentpEVsplasma-derived EVstumor development

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Ebola Virus VP40 Modulates Cell Cycle and Biogenesis of Extracellular Vesicles

Michelle L Pleet, James Erickson, Catherine DeMarino, Robert A Barclay, Maria Cowen, Benjamin Lepene, Janie Liang, Jens H Kuhn, Laura Prugar, Spencer W Stonier, John M Dye, Weidong Zhou, Lance A Liotta, M Javad Aman, Fatah Kashanchi

The Journal of Infectuos Diseases


ApplicationsConcentration MeasurementExtracellular VesiclesSize MeasurementTechnical NanoparticlesVesiclesViruses

Apoptosiscell cycleebola treatmentEbola virusEBOVEBOV pathogenesiEBOV treatmentEV biogenesisEVsextracellular vesiclesmonocyte apoptosispoptosis; cell cycleT cell apoptosisVP40

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An In Vitro Potency Assay for Monitoring the Immunomodulatory Potential of Stromal Cell-Derived Extracellular Vesicles

Karin Pachler, Nina Ketterl, Alexandre Desgeorges, Zsuzsanna A. Dunai, Sandra Laner-Plamberger, Doris Streif, Dirk Strunk, Eva Rohde and Mario Gimona

International Journal of Molecular Sciences


ApplicationsConcentration MeasurementExtracellular VesiclesSize MeasurementVesicles

exosomesextracellular vesiclesimmune modulationmesenchymalT-cell proliferation

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Atg5 Disassociates the V1V0-ATPase to Promote Exosome Production and Tumor Metastasis Independent of Canonical Macroautophagy

Huishan Guo, Maneka Chitiprolu, Luc Roncevic, Charlotte Javalet, Fiona J. Hemming, My Tran Trung, Lingrui Meng, Elyse Latreille, Christiano Tanese de Souza, Danielle McCulloch, R. Mitchell Baldwin, Rebecca Auer, Jocelyn Côté, Ryan Charles Russell, Rémy Sadoul, Derrick Gibbings

Developmental Cell


ApplicationsCancerConcentration MeasurementExosomesExtracellular VesiclesSize MeasurementVesicles

AcidificationAtg5Autophagycancerendosomeexosomesextracellular vesiclesLC3multivesicular bodytumorV1V0-ATPase

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