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Photosynthesis of Acetate by Sporomusa ovata-CdS Biohybrid System

He, Ying; Wang, Shurong; Han, Xinyue; Shen, Jiayuan; Lu, Yanwei; Zhao, Jinzhi; Shen, Chengpin; Qiao, Liang

ACS applied materials & interfaces


ApplicationsConcentration MeasurementSize MeasurementTechnical Nanoparticles

artificial photosynthesisbiosynthesiscarbon dioxide fixation

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Innate extracellular vesicles from melanoma patients suppress β-catenin in tumor cells by miRNA-34a

Jung-Hyun Lee, Jochen Dindorf, Martin Eberhardt, Xin Lai, Christian Ostalecki, Nina Koliha, Stefani Gross,Katja Blume, Heiko Bruns, Stefan Wild, Gerold Schuler, Julio Vera, Andreas S Baur

Life Science Alliance


ApplicationsConcentration MeasurementExtracellular VesiclesSize MeasurementTechnical NanoparticlesVesicles

extracellular vesiclesmelanomamelanoma treatmentpEVsplasma-derived EVstumor development

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Optimisation of imaging flow cytometry for the analysis of single extracellular vesicles by using fluorescence-tagged vesicles as biological reference material

André Görgens, Michel Bremer, Rita Ferrer-Tur, Florian Murke, Tobias Tertel, Peter A. Horn, Sebastian Thalmann, Joshua A. Welsh, Christine Probst, Coralié Guerin, Chantal M. Boulanger, Jennifer C. Jones, Helmut Hanenberg, Uta Erdbrügger, Joanne Lannigan, Franz L. Ricklefs, Samir El-Andaloussi and Bernd Giebel

Journal of Extracellular Vesicles


ApplicationsConcentration MeasurementExtracellular VesiclesSize MeasurementSmall Extracellular VesiclesTechnical NanoparticlesVesicles

Antibody LabellingCD63ev characterizationflow cytometrysEVssingle EV detectionsmall EV characterizationsmall EV identificationsmall EVssubpopulations

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Ebola Virus VP40 Modulates Cell Cycle and Biogenesis of Extracellular Vesicles

Michelle L Pleet, James Erickson, Catherine DeMarino, Robert A Barclay, Maria Cowen, Benjamin Lepene, Janie Liang, Jens H Kuhn, Laura Prugar, Spencer W Stonier, John M Dye, Weidong Zhou, Lance A Liotta, M Javad Aman, Fatah Kashanchi

The Journal of Infectuos Diseases


ApplicationsConcentration MeasurementExtracellular VesiclesSize MeasurementTechnical NanoparticlesVesiclesViruses

Apoptosiscell cycleebola treatmentEbola virusEBOVEBOV pathogenesiEBOV treatmentEV biogenesisEVsextracellular vesiclesmonocyte apoptosispoptosis; cell cycleT cell apoptosisVP40

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