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The C‑terminal 32‑mer fragment of hemoglobin alpha is an amyloidogenic peptide with antimicrobial properties

Olari, Lia-Raluca; Bauer, Richard; Gil Miró, Marta; Vogel, Verena; Cortez Rayas, Laura; Groß, Rüdiger; Gilg, Andrea; Klevesath, Raphael; Rodríguez Alfonso, Armando A.; Kaygisiz, Kübra; Rupp, Ulrich; Pant, Pradeep; Mieres-Pérez, Joel; Steppe, Lena; Schäffer, Ramona; Rauch-Wirth, Lena; Conzelmann, Carina; Müller, Janis A.; Zech, Fabian; Gerbl, Fabian; Bleher, Jana; Preising, Nico; Ständker, Ludger; Wiese, Sebastian; Thal, Dietmar R.; Haupt, Christian; Jonker, Hendrik R. A.; Wagner, Manfred; Sanchez-Garcia, Elsa; Weil, Tanja; Stenger, Steffen; Fändrich, Marcus; Einem, Jens von; Read, Clarissa; Walther, Paul; Kirchhoff, Frank; Spellerberg, Barbara; Münch, Jan

Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences : CMLS


ApplicationsPolymersomesVesiclesZeta Potential

AMPAmyloid formationHemoglobin fragmentMembrane disruptionProteolytic generation

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Nanobugs as Drugs: Bacterial Derived Nanomagnets Enhance Tumor Targeting and Oncolytic Activity of HSV-1 Virus

Faith H N Howard, Haider Al-Janabi, Priya Patel, Katie Cox, Emily Smith, Jayakumar Vadakekolathu, A. Graham Pockley, Joe Conner, James F Nohl, Dan A Allwood, Cristal Collado-Rojas, Aneurin Kennerley, Sarah Staniland, and Munitta Muthana

Small Journal


CancerDrug DeliveryZeta Potential

Bacterial Derived Nanomagnetsoncolytic viruses

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Synergy of Human Platelet-Derived Extracellular Vesicles with Secretome Proteins Promotes Regenerative Functions

Fausto Gueths Gomes, André Cronemberger Andrade, Martin Wolf, Sarah Hochmann, Linda Krisch, Nicole Maeding, Christof Regl, Rodolphe Poupardin, Patricia Ebner-Peking, Christian G. Huber, Nicole Meisner-Kober, Katharina Schallmoser and Dirk Strunk



Extracellular VesiclesSize MeasurementVesiclesZeta Potential

EV coronahuman platelet lysateproteomics

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Zeta Potential of Extracellular Vesicles: Toward Understanding the Attributes that Determine Colloidal Stability

Getnet Midekessa, Kasun Godakumara, James Ord, Janeli Viil, Freddy Lättekivi, Keerthie Dissanayake, Sergei Kopanchuk, Ago Rinken, Aneta Andronowska, Sourav Bhattacharjee, Toonika Rinken, and Alireza Fazeli

ACS Omega


Extracellular VesiclesVesiclesZeta Potential

Buffer Influence on Zeta Potentialcolloidal stabilityJAr cell derived EVspH influence on zeta potentialsurface chargezeta potential

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