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The C‑terminal 32‑mer fragment of hemoglobin alpha is an amyloidogenic peptide with antimicrobial properties

Olari, Lia-Raluca; Bauer, Richard; Gil Miró, Marta; Vogel, Verena; Cortez Rayas, Laura; Groß, Rüdiger; Gilg, Andrea; Klevesath, Raphael; Rodríguez Alfonso, Armando A.; Kaygisiz, Kübra; Rupp, Ulrich; Pant, Pradeep; Mieres-Pérez, Joel; Steppe, Lena; Schäffer, Ramona; Rauch-Wirth, Lena; Conzelmann, Carina; Müller, Janis A.; Zech, Fabian; Gerbl, Fabian; Bleher, Jana; Preising, Nico; Ständker, Ludger; Wiese, Sebastian; Thal, Dietmar R.; Haupt, Christian; Jonker, Hendrik R. A.; Wagner, Manfred; Sanchez-Garcia, Elsa; Weil, Tanja; Stenger, Steffen; Fändrich, Marcus; Einem, Jens von; Read, Clarissa; Walther, Paul; Kirchhoff, Frank; Spellerberg, Barbara; Münch, Jan

Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences : CMLS


ApplicationsPolymersomesVesiclesZeta Potential

AMPAmyloid formationHemoglobin fragmentMembrane disruptionProteolytic generation

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