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Cord Blood Plasma and Placental Mesenchymal Stem Cells-Derived Exosomes Increase Ex Vivo Expansion of Human Cord Blood Hematopoietic Stem Cells While Maintaining Their Stemness

Teleb, Rasha S.; Abdul-Hafez, Amal; Othman, Amira; Ahmed, Ahmed El-Abd; Elsaid, Abdelrahman A.; Arif, Hattan; Zarea, Ahmed A.; Abdulmageed, Mohammed; Mohamed, Hend; Ibrahim, Sherif Abdelfattah; Thiruvenkataramani, Ranga P.; Mohamed, Tarek; Kanada, Masamitsu; Madhukar, Burra V.; Arellano, Myrna Gonzalez; Sayed, Mohammed M.; Qubaisy, Heba M.; Omar, Said A.



ApplicationsConcentration MeasurementExosomesExtracellular VesiclesSize MeasurementVesicles

exosomesextracellular vesicles (EVs)hematopoietic stem cellsmesenchymal stem cellsplacentaumbilical cordumbilical cord blood transplantation

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